Booster covers

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This is a new offering so please report any issued so I can make adjustments as needed.

The boosters come in three pieces each, so you get six pieces total per order. You will need to glue them together using a good two part epoxy. As with most of my parts, there is a brim around the base that needs to be trimmed off. On most parts, this is easily peeled off but the brim for these is thicker because of the size of the parts. Use an exacto knife to trim it, then sand smooth.

The material for these is different as well. I’m printing them in PETG instead of ABS. This is easier to print large items with and my destructive testing is proving them to be very durable. The surface finish is a plus minus of almost no layer lines but it has a texture. This fills in quite nice with ¬†few coats of filler primer and some sanding. The slow sloping sections of the part will require a small amount of glazing putty to make them smooth. (A result of the nature of low angled slopes on a cartesion based printing system). I have done several of these myself and the tutorial section of the site covers proper glazing techniques.


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