What do I get when I buy a part?

*** Parts will ship on average within a week or two. Parts sold on the site as in stock are shipped when my schedule allows. I do have a full time job and family outside the parts run.

Please note: I’m holding off on international and custom orders while I get caught up on printer repairs. Please wait to message me about them until this message is removed. International orders will resume very soon as new printers are coming online 🙂 ***


You may notice that some of the parts are pictured in different colors. This is because I don’t always have access to the same color all the time. I will try to keep somewhat consistent on the colors I ship but these are getting painted, so it is not critical.

I 3d print all the parts from ABS plastic. This is the best possible option right now for 3d printed R2-D2 parts, due to their strength and resistance to heat. They are also easy to sand and paint. (Booster covers, as noted in their description are PETG plastic. See item description for more details)

I do try to remove the bulk of the “flashing”, the little brim of material that is sometimes used to hold it to the print bed, but I may not get all of it or any of it if I’m in a hurry. It peals off pretty easily and any remaining bits can be taken off with a razor blade or light sanding with 80 grit sandpaper.

Please read the “Finishing 3d printed parts” page for a full description of how to take your parts from a raw print, to an automotive finish. It is a lengthy writeup but the process is actually fairly simple. Here is a direct link: http://monkey3dparts.com/finishing-3d-printed-parts/

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